Shops-Offices-Commercial Space

Varansi is a budding market for all kinds of businesses and industry. Currently this city is experiencing rapid growth and everywhere you look construction is happening. We at C K Property Property work hard to stay on top of what is available and what will be available in regards to commercial property. Let us help you find the perfect location for your business.

     Shops-Offices-Commercial Space

*:- Rs. 50/- Sqfit. Total Area 2400/- Sqfit. Sankat Mochan Durgakund With Car Parking Varanasi.
*:- Rs. 60 Sq.Fit. 1500 Sq. Fit.  Lease for ATM, Bank & Office Near sankat Mochan Temple Varanasi.
*:- Rs. 30,000 Semi furnishes 6 Room Car Parking office Taradham Mahmoorganj Varanasi.
*:- Rs. 11,000 Shop Sigra Varanasi.
*:- Rs. 20,000 Fully furnishes office Ip Mall Sigra Varanasi.

     *:- Rs. 15,000 Semi furnishes office Ip Mal Sigra Varanasi.

      *:- Rs. 19,000 Semi furnishes office Sigra Varanasi.

     *:- Rs. 199/-Per Sqfit. Shop Total Area 800 Ip Mal Sigra Varanasi.

      *:- Rs. 10,000 Fully furnishes office ashok nagar Sigra Varanasi.

      *:- Rs. 40,000 & 35000 Semi furnishes office maldahia Varanasi.

      *:- Rs. 25,000 Fully furnishes office maldahia Varanasi.

      *:- Rs. 35 Sq.Fit. 3000 Sq. Fit. Maldahia Varanasi Lease for Bank & Office.

                      Wear House

*:- Rs. 5000 Godam (250/Sqfit) mahamoorganj Varanasi
*:- Rs. 30 Sq. Fit. Godam (1250/Sqfit) Lahartara Varanasi
*:- Rs. 25 Sq. Fit. Godam (20,000/Sqfit) Sivpur Road babatpur Varanasi
*:- Rs. 10 Sq. Fit. Godam (11,000/Sqfit) NH2 Road (SMS) Ramnagar To Varanasi

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